Albie Santos-Dumont
Albie Santos-Dumont

Birth name

Alberto Santos-Dumont


Born July 20, 1956 (age 54)


Sao Paulo, Brazil


Seattle, WA




Aida de Acosta (divorced)


Jorge Santos and Patricia Dumont (deceased)


Fernanda Dumont

Alberto "Albie" Santos-Dumont (born July 20, 1956) is an acclaimed children's author, and is best known as the author behind The Icarus Chronicles series, which he first published in 1996. He is also the older brother to Fernanda Dumont.

Early LifeEdit

Santos-Dumont was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 20, 1956 to Jorge Santos, a Brazilian diplomat and author, and Patricia Dumont, a prominent French actress.

Move to Monterrey, MexicoEdit

Jorge Santos was threatened by the mafia, and he moved his family back to his mother's home city of Monterrey in 1958.

Immigration to San Antonio, TexasEdit

His family decided to immigrate to the United States, and moved to San Antonio in 1963.


Santos-Dumont attended the University of Los Angeles from 1974 to 1978. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He then attended the University of San Francisco from 1980 to 1982, graduating with a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Relationship with Aida de AcostaEdit


While living in San Francisco and working on his MFA, Santos-Dumont met Aida de Acosta in 1981. They married in 1983, after two years of dating.


Growing frustrated with her husband's lack of success or motivation, Acosta finally asked for a divorce in January 1994. The divorce was finalized later that year. Soon after the divorce was finalized, Santos-Dumont moved to Seattle, WA.

Estrangement from Fernanda DumontEdit

He got into a big fight in 1985 with Fernanda Dumont regarding her boyfriend, and they haven't spoken since 1985.

The Icarus ChroniclesEdit

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Santos-Dumon had an undistinguished and unsuccessful writing career until his hit with the children's book series . . . Having recently gone through a rather difficult divorce, Santos-Dumont began finding solace in


Santos-Dumont has suffered off and on with alcoholism since the early 1980's, which would later become one of the contributing factors in his 1994 divorce.