This is a summary of the timeline.

Amelia Stringfellow sends Albie Santos-Dumont a letterEdit

Wedding of Robert Blackburn & Nancy Bird WaltonEdit

Fay Gillis Wells fires Grant McConachieEdit

Robert Blackburn asks Marion Stringfellow about meeting himEdit

John Stringfellow says too muchEdit

Fay Wells confronts Orville Shuge over daughterEdit

  • Fay Wells: "Why didn't you tell me you had a daughter?"
  • Orville Shuge: "Why would it matter that I have a 46-year old daughter? It's not as if I owe child support."
  • Fay Wells: "Why don't you have a relationship with her?"
  • Orville Shuge: "It's complicated. How did you find out anyway?"
  • Fay Wells: "Because she tried to contact you."

John Stringfellow discovers Marion Stringfellow's secretsEdit

Murder of Robert BlackburnEdit

Discovery of Marion StringfellowEdit

Murder of Orville ShugeEdit

Quetzalcoatl contacts Albie Santos-DumontEdit