Orville Shuge
Orville Shuge

Birth name

Orville Zhuge


August 19, 1942 (age 68)


Philadelphia, PA


Chicago, IL


CEO of The Corporation


Jackie Cochran (1962-1964), Fay Wells (1998-present)


Marion Stringfellow


Zhuge Zhan, Amelia Grayson (deceased)



Orville Potenti (born Orville Zhuge; August 19, 1942), is an American business magnate and the current CEO of Potenti Industries. He is the son of Zhuge Zhan and brother to Quetzalcoatl. He had a brief relationship with Jackie Cochran in the early 1960's, and is the estranged father to Marion Stringfellow.

Early LifeEdit

Potenti was born August 19, 1942 to Zhuge Zhan and Amelia Grayson in Philadelphia, PA.

Murder of his motherEdit

Potenti's mother, Amelia Grayson, was found murdered in 1958. His mother's death impacted him greatly.


Potenti attended Columbia University from 1960 to 1964, and Harvard Business School from 1964 to 1968.

Relationship with Jackie CochranEdit

Potenti had a relationship with Jackie Cochran from 1962 to 1964, which produced a child, Marion Zhuge. The baby was later put up for adoption by Cochran in 1965.

Becoming "Orville Potenti"Edit

Potenti legally changed his named from "Orville Zhuge" to "Orville Potenti" in 1965, to distinguish himself from his younger brother, Wilbur Zhuge, and to avoid responsiblity for his new daughter, Marion Zhuge.

CEO of Potenti IndustriesEdit

In 1971, Potenti was asked by his father, Zhuge Zhan, to succeed him as CEO of Potenti Industries. Potenti moved to Los Angeles, CA and in 1972, became Potenti Industries' new CEO, a position which he still holds.