Birth name

Wilbur Zhuge


April 16, 1944 (age 66)


Philadelphia, PA






Robert Blackburn


Zhuge Zhan, Amelia Grayson (deceased)


Orville Shuge

Quetzalcoatl (born Wilbur Zhuge; April 16, 1944) is a former priest for The Church and is currently homeless. He is the son of Zhuge Zhan, and brother to Orville Shuge. He is also the father to Robert Blackburn.

Early LifeEdit

Wilbur Zhuge was born April 16, 1944 to Zhuge Zhan and Amelia Grayson in Philadelphia, PA.

Murder of his motherEdit

Zhuge's mother, Amelia Grayson, was found murdered in 1958. His mother's death impacted him greatly.


Zhuge attended Columbia University from 1962 to 1966, and University of Chicago Divinity School from 1966 to 1970.

Relationship with The ChurchEdit

Nomination to High PriestEdit

In 1970, Zhuge moved to Seattle, WA to join The Church, co-founded by his father Zhuge Zhan. He was promoted to a high priest within only a few months.


Zhuge was expelled from The Church in 1978 by Zhuge Zhan, after Zhan had learned that Zhuge had slept with Phoebe.

Learns the "flight equation"Edit

Zhuge was approached by his grandfather, Zhuge Liang, in 1973 and was taught the flight equation.

Relationship with Phoebe BlackburnEdit

Upon being expelled from The Cult, Zhuge returned to New York, NY, where became depressed and subsequently had a brief relationship with Phoebe Omlie in 1978. Blackburn became pregnant and gave birth to Robert Blackburn in 1979.

Becoming "Quetzalcoatl"Edit

Zhuge changed his name from "Wilbur Zhuge" to "Quetzalcoatl" in 1980 when he went into hiding and began living on the streets.

Friendship with Jackie CochranEdit

Quetzalcoatl has been lifelong friends with Jackie Cochran since 1962. Quetzalcoatl occasionally stays with Cochran when he is in San Francisco, CA. Cochran is vaguelly aware of Quetzalcoatl's posession of the flight equation, a knowledge she has chosen not to pursure. Cochran is also the only person who knows of Quetzalcoatl's true identity.