The "flight equation" is an equation discovered by Isaac Newton in the 1670's, shortly after he discovered gravity. The equation is a dirivative of the equation for gravity (F=Gm1m2/d2), and he who learns the equation posseses the ability to fly. Specifically, the equation exists in a leather-bound book that has been passed down, in secret, from person to person since Newton's death.

Lineage of the flight equationEdit

Isaac NewtonEdit

Newton discovered the equation in the 1670's and passed it on to an unknown person before his death in 1727. The equation eventually made its way from England to China.

Zhuge JinEdit

Zhuge Jin of China learned the flight equation from an unknown person in 1886.

Zhuge LiangEdit

Zhuge Liang learned the flight equation from his father, Zhuge Jin, in 1910.


Quetzalcoatl learned the flight equation from his grandfather, Zhuge Liang, in 1973. He has shared its knowledge with only one person, Jackie Cochran.

Amelia StringfellowEdit

Amelia Stringfellow learned the flight equation from her uncle, Quetzalcoatl, in 2010.

Opposition to the flight equationEdit

Zhuge ZhanEdit

Zhuge Zhan learned his father, Zhuge Liang, possessed the flight equation sometime during the 1940's. Being very religious, Zhan does not believe humankind is deserving of the equation, as he believes the knowledge of such an equation would destroy humankind's faith in divinity. One of the primary goals of The Cult has been to find the individual who possesses the flight equation and exterminate him. Zhan has believed since 1977 that his son, Quetzalcoatl, possesses the equation and has attempted in vain since that time to find him.

Marion StringfellowEdit

Having been raised by Zhuge Zhan, Stringfellow was molded to follow in Zhan's footsteps and lead The Cult in his eventual death.