The Zhuge Family is an American family that first came to the United States in 1908. The family's patriarch is Zhuge Zhan (born 1913) and Amelia Grayson (1915-1948). Zhan and Grayson had two children, Orville Zhuge (born 1942) and Wilbur Zhuge (born in 1944).

Immigration to AmericaEdit

The Zhuge Family first came to America when Zhuge Liang immigrated to Seattle, Washington from China in 1908. He met Big Bad's Mother and had one child, Zhuge Zhan, born in 1913.

Zhuge Zhan and Amelia GraysonEdit

Zhuge Zhan and Amelia Grayson met in 1937 in Seattle, WA. They quickly fell in love and married the following year in 1938. They had two children, Orville Zhuge, born in 1942, and Wilbur Zhuge, born in 1944.

Orville Zhuge and Jackie CochranEdit

Orville Zhuge and Jackie Cochran dated from 1962-1964 and had one child, Marion Zhuge.

Marion ZhugeEdit

Marion Zhuge was born to Orville Zhuge and Jackie Cochran in 1964.

Amelia StringfellowEdit

Amelia Stringfellow was born to John Stringfellow and Marion Zhuge in 1993.

Wilbur Zhuge and Phoebe OmlieEdit

Wilbur Zhuge and Phoebe Omlie had a one-night stand in 1978 and had one child, Robert Blackburn.

Robert BlackburnEdit

Robert Blackburn was born to Wilbur Zhuge and Phoebe Omlie in 1979. He was later adopted by Charles and Louise Blackburn in 1982.

The CorporationEdit

Zhuge Liang was a co-founder of The Corporation, a major aerospace and defense company, in 1916.

Zhuge Zhan becomes CEOEdit

By 1950, Zhuge Liang had become disillusioned with war and with the destruction caused by his company. He subsequently asked his 37-year old son, Zhuge Zhan, to step in and take over as CEO. Zhan's position as CEO was met with disapproval by the board of directors, which he would eventually replace.

Orville Shuge becomes CEOEdit

Orville Shuge became the CEO of The Corporation in 1972.

The CultEdit

Using funds he had embezzled from The Corporation, Zhuge Zhan helped co-found The Cult