Zhuge Zhan
Zhuge Zhan


August 24, 1920 (age 90)


Seattle, WA


Los Angeles, CA


Chairman of The Church


Amelia Grayson (deceased)


Orville Shuge, Quetzalcoatl, Marion Stringfellow (adopted)


Zhuge Liang (deceased), Big Bad's Mother (deceased)

Zhuge Zhan, F.R.C. (born August 24, 1920), most commonly known as The Imperator, is the founder of The Church and the former CEO of The Corporation. He is a deeply religious and enigmatic man, and has harbored a life long frustration over having never been trusted with the flight equation.

Zhan has sacrificed many the lives of many people, including that of his own wife, Amelia Grayson, as he believes that such sacrifices are justified by his belief that he is the only barrier between worldwide faith and spirituality and secular chaos.

Early LifeEdit

Zhuge Zhan was born in Seattle, Washington on August 24, 1920 to Zhuge Liang and Big Bad's Mother.


Zhan met his wife, Amelia Grayson in Seattle, WA in 1937. They married soon after that, and had two children, Orville Shuge and Quetzalcoatl, in 1942.

The CorporationEdit

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Orville Shuge takes over as CEOEdit

Zhan passed on control of The Corporation to his son, Orville Shuge, in 1972.

Murder of Amelia GraysonEdit

Zhuge Zhan became very angry with Amelia Grayson one day, and murdered her in 1958.

The ChurchEdit

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Zhan founded The Church in 1953. His son, Quetzalcoatl, joined in 1970.

Move to Los AngelesEdit

Zhan decided to move The Church to Los Angeles, CA in 1959.

Expulsion of QuetzalcoatlEdit

Quetzalcoatl was expelled in 1977.

Adoption of Marion ZhugeEdit

Zhan adopted Marion Zhuge after she was put up for adoption by her mother, Jackie Cochran, in 1965.

Murder of Phoebe OmlieEdit

Zhan was responsible for Phoebe Omlie's murder in 1982.

Arranging Robert Blackburn's adoptionEdit

Zhan learned, upon murdering Phoebe Omlie, that she had a 3-year old son. Zhan contacted Charles and Louise Blackburn and arranged for them to adopt Robert Blackburn.

Murder of Robert BlackburnEdit

Zhuge Zhan was instrumental in the murder of Robert Blackburn.